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Friday, June 01, 2007

words for today

May 31, 2007

cop·pice (kŏp'ĭs)
n.   A thicket or grove of small trees or shrubs, especially one maintained by periodic cutting or pruning to encourage suckering, as in the cultivation of cinnamon trees for their bark.
I was watching a video and the author used the word "copiced" in a written comment while filming an open brush area of the forest where she walks her dogs. I am guessing she may have spelled it incorrectly but then turned it into a verb to make a point. Interesting growth of the language.

June 1, 2007

Fettle. I've certainly heard of it before but it has always been used in the expression "fine fettle" and today Lileks used it this way: "Actually, I’m in a passable fettle" so I thought I'd look up the origins to see if it could be used that way other than in humour.
1. state; condition: in fine fettle.
–verb (used with object)
2. Ceramics. to remove mold marks from (a cast piece).
3. Metallurgy.
a. to remove sand from (a casting).
b. to repair the hearth of (an open-hearth furnace).

[Origin: 1300–50; ME fetle to shape, prepare, back formation from fetled, OE fetelede girded up, equiv. to fetel belt + -ede ]


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