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Saturday, November 04, 2006

things to do today

Things to do today that don't involve writing or drawing:

Go out for breakfast (date already confirmed with our friend - pick up at 8am).

Go vote in the advance poll for the mayoral election (never wait until polling day if you can help it.)

Go to FabricLand because they have a double-points day. I have been looking at some nice fake wools for a skirt and jacket combo (in shades of purple) and for a new Winter coat. They are on sale (the last time I was there) for $6.99 per metre so I really can't go wrong.

Finish digging up the garden, put away the tomato cages and plant the crocus bulbs for Spring.

Vacuum and dust.


Yesterday I was successful in writing 1400 words for NaNoWriMo because I went to the coffee shop where I couldn't really do anything but write. Here at home, there are far too many things I "should" (or could) be doing, not the least of which is playing on the computer. I think after I get some of the above things done, I shall hie myself off to the coffee shop again and write some more. I know where I'm going in the next "section" of my novel so it's just a matter of writing it down.


Blogger ML said...

You did a lot! I'm not surprised sewing was on your list of things to do ;)

11:51 a.m., November 06, 2006  

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