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Monday, June 18, 2007

not a new word but I couldn't spell it

June 18, 2007
Forbearance. I had originally written it "forebearance" and it got underlined by the spell-check. I tried "forebearence" but that didn't work either. Finally I looked up "forebear" and it said it meant one's ancestors. Well, that wasn't right. So I left off the first "e" and was able to find out that the root of the word I wanted was spelled "forbear".
1. to refrain or abstain from; desist from.
2. to keep back; withhold.
3. Obsolete. to endure.
4. to refrain; hold back.
5. to be patient or self-controlled when subject to annoyance or provocation.

I was writing a comment on Jenny's blog. Her newest puppy to raise for Guide Dogs is quite the handful and I am in sympathy as Rockwell could also be the handful.



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