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Friday, June 08, 2007

some answers, maybe

June 8, 2007

I was reading Kent's Bike Blog just now. I like the way he writes and I like what he writes about. This time he was writing about this fellow sort of busking by the side of the road. Although the busker was also trying to spread the word about Jesus, Kent was more appreciative of his bicycle and bike accessories. They had a nice conversation about bikes and cars, about learning, and about how we don't need much stuff. I was going to put a simple comment on the blog entry as follows: "The message is always out there. We just need to be ready to hear it." But then I thought it might be misconstrued as being about Jesus and I really meant it as a more general comment on how we can always learn something about anything in life. So I decided to take a break from my run of definitions and put the comment here. Although, I must say I had to use to look up "busking" because my spell-check thought it was wrong. But it is a verb now.

Anyway, there is one philosophy I have learned the hard way:
"The message is always out there. We just need to be ready to hear it."
Maybe others have articulated it, I don't know, but this is one of my own answers to the question of "life, the universe and everything". The main philosophy that I have articulated over the years, in answer to the questions about how we can make life easier is "Pay Attention". It works for everything. Try it.

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Blogger Joan said...

Hey, there, Julia,

Glad to know you're still out there and blogging in blog land. I read your updates on Rockwell (glad to hear he's doing well despite his change in handlers) and some of your previous posts.

Congrats on your 25th! We had our 25th anniversary in January. In today's revolving-door world, twenty five years is something to celebrate, and your celebration sounded like wonderful way to do it. I'm so glad for you!

Regarding your comment today...I have to wholeheartedly agree: Truth is always out there (life lessons, wisdom, etc.); we just have to (1) have the eyes and ears to notice it, and then (2) be ready to see/hear it.

Your "pay attention" is like my trying to live in a way that is "alert to life" (like with the lessons I learn from my four Labs - always alert to lessons I can learn).

I think you're on to something, and if my experience is worth anything, it's something good!

Keep it up!

Joan (from over at LabTails)

8:28 p.m., June 09, 2007  
Blogger JuliaR said...

Thanks Joan, we can all learn lessons from each other, including the dogs. And they really pay attention! Onwards to the next 25...

1:39 p.m., June 12, 2007  

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