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Thursday, June 14, 2007

About the Bike

I mentioned over at my sewing blog that we are getting a tandem for our 25th anniversary. It is a travel bike from Bike Friday and will be added to our collection of bikes:
bike collection
There's a lot to the ordering of it because everything is custom and you have to choose which components you want, which bars, which everything, including colour. And the tubes are cut to the measurements we provide so it should fit us really well.

In the meanwhile, I have been gardening and planted a bunch of bean seeds when I couldn't find any bean plants at the Loblaws or the Home Depot (three million green pepper plants but no beans). I didn't think the beans would sprout because I'd been trying to sprout them in egg crates for weeks and nothing was happening. So I shoved many seeds in the ground and then forgot about them until last night when we were sitting out and I looked and said (in Scotty's voice), "Look Captain! There be beans here!" You have to be a Star Trek IV fan to get it, sorry.
Capt'n!  There be beans here!
Now I will have to cull some of them and maybe plant them where there is a little room in the south garden. That sounds so grand "the south garden". It's just the three foot wide strip on the south side of the patio.

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