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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Things I never need to buy again

As far as I know, this started with Dress-a-Day's list wherein she described five things she will never buy again.
Bbrug also has such a list which ranges from cardigans and turtlenecks to stationery and mixing bowls. Of the latter, Bbrug confesses she has 18, "ranging in capacity from "minced capers" to "small sheep, slightly folded"." That last one made me laugh out loud. I think my largest mixing bowl might be able to hold a couple of cats but that's about it.

So what things do I never need to buy again?

Stationery - I agree with this one. I have a file box that normally holds magazines full of stationery, some of which dates from high school or before. And since I graduated from high school in (how old AM I?) 1975, that's enough. If I ever use it all up one day, then I will be allowed to have more.

Post-it notes - I have accumulated stacks of Post-it notes, in varying sizes but all in the original yellow. I think most of them come from my own stores, when I had an office and would buy them in bulk. I hope not too many of them come from pilfering from times when I worked in other peoples' offices. But the newer versions of Post-its with colours and motifs and sayings on them are so much fun that I want to have them too! So I'll apply the same rule as stationery - if I ever run out, then I can buy more.

Coffee cups and mugs - Over 25 years or more, I have purchased various cheap china sets and have broken most of the pieces - plates and bowls and such - except for the coffee cups that come with them. I had such a stack of mismatched cups and saucers about 10 years ago that I wrapped them all up and gave them to Goodwill. And then there are the many promotional mugs with logos on them and the mugs that people give as fun gifts with pictures or sayings on them. If I ever have a coffee party where I invite 40 people, I'll be set, and that doesn't include the 8 espresso cups.

Pens and pencils - This is a tough one. Like the Post-it notes, I have accumulated coffee mugs full of pens and pencils. Sometimes I go through them all and cull the ones that have thankfully dried up in the meantime. But still I accumulate more. Many of them are also of the promotional type, with some business name printed on the side of the barrel. But even some of hem are really nice and you just don't want to throw something away that is so useful. But then I start a project and I want something "special" with which to write. Maybe a new ink colour for the fountain pen cartridges will do? I have a "rule" that I made which says, "no new pens will be brought into this house until all the old ones are gone" but since I break it all the time, it's not doing me any good.

Pleated pants - We both have several pairs of pleated pants that never get worn any more because you should be over 6 feet tall and weigh about 100 pounds (male or female) to be allowed to wear pleated pants and neither of us are or ever will be close to that, and not just because of the height thing. I think this one will be easy to maintain.

Now, if someone looked in the garage and saw the 6 bicycles there (and no car) for the two people who live here, they might add bikes to the list. However, it is really hard to make an all-purpose bike so we have different kinds for different rides. Maybe after there are 6 for each of us, we could stop buying bikes. I can't imagine that shoes will ever be put in this list. I think I have as many pairs as most men, which is to say, not very many. And in spite of what my long-suffering husband might wish, I will not add fabric to this list either. One can never have too much fabric.


Anonymous zoom! said...

Regardless of how frequently I cull my coffee mug collection, I always have an over-abundance of coffee mugs. I think they're breeding when I'm not peeking. I probably have enough yarn to last five years and enough shampoo to last three years.

BTW, it's so nice to click in here and find a fresh post Julia.

8:49 p.m., October 06, 2006  
Blogger JuliaR said...

Thanks Zoom. I always look forward to new posts at your blog too, even if I don't make comments much. I might have shifted focus to this blog, now that the puppy is gone, but only time will tell.

12:49 p.m., October 09, 2006  

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