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Friday, May 09, 2008


Today wasn't as difficult as yesterday - maybe it was the egg. This isn't becoming a running blog but it's where I'm putting things for now and it's what I have to write about. Today, I ran past an older Oriental man who was running even slower than I was. I may "enjoy" running and I may even keep at it but win a race, I will never do. I thought about how old he might be and figured he could be about 60. He didn't seem as old as 70. But he was out there, going around the circuit.

I also felt proprietary about the park as I was running around it. The construction was banging on beside the park - lots of new condos going in. And even though the workers won't be living there, it was good to see people about. There were people walking circuits in the park as usual. And a parks maintenance guy was out with a loader of some kind, spreading what might have been fertilizer on the playing fields. It was as I ran by him and nodded hello that I felt like I belonged there. Interesting.

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