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Thursday, May 08, 2008


And again. Only today was tougher. I still ran 20 minutes but it seemed to be more of a struggle. I suppose it could have been the water I took with me for the first time. Since I'm outside for less than 30 minutes, I haven't been taking water. Yesterday, I resurrected the Running Room water bottle belt but to carry the camera. Today, I took a tiny 340 ml bottle of water. I cinched it pretty well so it didn't move around a lot but still, it was there. I drank 240 ml of it during the cool down walk which is good for me. I'm not a huge water drinker.

It could have been the stiff west wind that slowed me down on each leg of the circuit. The internet says it is gusting to 35 km/h and it was threatening to blow my hat off each time I ran west. However, I decided to have a boiled egg on toast when I got home, as I might need some protein too.

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