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Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am feeling misanthropic today. General crabbiness and a lot of sighing are evident. This week is my last week teaching which is nice because then I have time to myself. But not nice is that I suddenly will have no income. So that brings up the whole job-income-employment-'maybe I should be writing a book' crap. Somebody I have never met but feel like I know through her blog is worrying about the existence of the blog and how that might impact on her. I have these same worries so I have been censoring myself as I write. And am doing it now, I suppose. There's the fear of being judged and getting nasty email too.

Interestingly, I haven't been to "Small Dead Animals" is a long time because I'm just not interested in that back biting in which the opposite ends of the political spectrum love to indulge. However, for some reason I clicked on it today and I find out that she is being sued for libel by some lawyer, blah, blah, blah and that reinforces the above-mentioned fears. I'm afraid to even make a link to SDA for fear of reprisals so you'll have to Google it. The defenders of SDA make a good point when they say all she did was link to the libel but then, I am no expert in libel and in reading the statement of claim, there was the assertion that it was a republishing of the libel, blah blah blah. I feel like I should have better things to do with my time. Although, defending free speech is pretty important.

But as I often say, it's not just one thing. The weather isn't helping - cold and windy. Thankfully it is not raining or snowing. I'm worried that the herbs I started last weekend as seeds and which have already sprouted are going to be too big too soon for planting. And anyway, I'm going to be away so I can't plant them. And I don't trust anyone to plant them for me. Argh.

And then there's the whole upstairs reno to consider not the least of which is the plumbing leak. I don't know about plumbing so I have to rely on someone else and it was crappy plumbing in the first place that made for a leak, probably. I have to cut a hole in the ceiling to start to find out.

I am happy I took the electric blanket off the bed when I changed the sheets this morning. I haven't turned it on lately so that's a sign that winter is leaving. And I want to wash the blanket and lay it out to dry on the patio on the drying rack. But that has to wait until the weather is better too. No clotheslines here with condo-townhome restrictions. But I plan to use my drying rack a lot this summer. Of course, something is irking me about that too - where to put the rack when it is not in use. Do I just prop it up in the living room (ugly, eyesore) or do I haul it up from the basement every time I want to use it which I was hoping would be more than once a week (work and banging of knuckles and such).

I have that Naymz Profile website sending me emails every day, telling me people have looked at my profile and so I should send them money to upgrade. Almost as bad as the constant requests for upgrading from Classmates dot com. More argh.

But I did ride my bike on the weekend and Thursday so I am happy about that. And really, I have nothing of import to complain about. I am healthy, my husband is (apparently) happy to support me financially (although if I suddenly got a real job, I don't think I'd hear any complaining) and we are taking a holiday in a month. If I count my blessings, they far outnumber the other.

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Blogger bikerider said...

I think it might be a combination of cabin fever and the inevitable mental clutter than comes with shifting gears from one thing to another, that's weighing on your mind. From work to not working, from winter to spring, from the familiar of the 'hood to the unfamiliar of a holiday in a foreign land, suddenly there are details heaped upon details and all that clutter is exhausting. Combine that with the wide open world of possibilities to choose from and it's like you're standing on the shore of a huge lake and you must jump now and swim the thing in one go.

But realize I know something about plumbing and I'll be in the boat ready to throw you a line if you need it.

And your little plants will live happy lives, too, regardless of when they find their new beds. :)

10:51 a.m., April 15, 2008  

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