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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


And again this morning. But you should have seen me rationalizing why I didn't have to. I started with the fact that I'd fallen asleep last night in front of the tv at 8:30. Obviously I needed my rest. This morning, I let myself sleep in until 7:30 ( I have been getting up at 6am all semester and see no reason to stop even though I am not now teaching). So I thought, I won't go running - it's too late and I have other things to do. Then I thought, I could go get my hair cut this morning and that involves a bike ride (only about 15 minutes one way but still). And I have to shower off the hair when I'm done so that would mean too many showers. And on I went until I just got up and went running.

While I was running, I rationalised that I only needed to run two circuits because of the bike ride later. But I just kept going and then there I was, past the end of the third circuit and still running to the 20 minute mark. So I did it again! I even found the Running Room water bottle belt that has two zippered compartments on it and brought my camera to take pix of the beaver damage in the park. So, even though it is almost 10 am, I feel pretty virtuous and I still have time to go get my hair cut.

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