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Thursday, April 10, 2008


I got my final exam off to the printer and I don't even need it until the week of April 21. It'll take some hours of marking once all 70 students write it, so I am glad to have the drafting part of the project out of the way early. I don't teach on Thursdays so I am leisurely going to the gym tomorrow and I may EVEN ride the bike. Which means I can buy kleenex in bulk. You don't know how thrilling that can be, after a long winter of buying small things, one at a time, that can fit into a backpack that already is holding gym shoes and stuff.

I notice that our television seems to be going. You have to crank the sound bar right up to hear anything. And I don't think both of us have suddenly gone deaf. I'm glad it's not only one part of the sound spectrum and not another - that would really be annoying. But now we have to decide what new tv to buy. Do we get one of those flat screen LCD things that you can hang on the wall but that won't fit into the giant wall unit we have right now? And if we do that, what do we do with the giant wall unit that is perfectly good? That's my biggest issue with renovating or redecorating - what to do with the stuff that is still perfectly good? When I did the kitchen, I called Habitat Re-stores and they came and got all the old cabinets which was very nice as they had zero value for me and I'd always hated them. But this wall unit is really nice so I am conflicted. And then there's that whole digital signal only of the future thing. And of course, there's always the issue of how much tv we watch and shouldn't. I really enjoy some tv and I don't want to cut myself off from that aspect of popular culture. So maybe we'll get a regular tv and later, when we do redecorate the living room (there's a plan in the works) we'll get the fancy new type.

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