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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Today I took a bus I'd never been on before so I had a little adventure. Little being the operative word. But I noticed that it is more tiring to do something new than the same-old, same-old. I had to pay attention more than usual because I was on a different route. Maybe I wouldn't have felt that way if I hadn't missed the first stop where I was supposed to transfer. I wasn't thinking much and I figured the bus would stop at a station where there were numbered platforms where you could run up and down stairs to catch all sort of other buses. But it didn't stop and we sailed by, so I had to get out at the next stop and backtrack. Thank goodness I had left early. Or maybe that was why I forgot to ring the bell to make the bus stop - I subconsciously knew I had lots of extra time.

Anyway, now in a state of high alert, I developed a tension headache waiting for the bus I had to transfer to. As I waited (with all that extra time I had not even used up), I noticed a police cruise roar by with its hair on fire. Then a few minutes later, another one went by and so when we ground to a halt after I got on the bus, I knew it was because of the accident ahead. Sure enough, just before we got off the Queensway at Kirkwood/Carling, we passed an accident by the side of the road. So in spite of everything, I was late to where I was going.

Travel or doing new things may be fun and all but I think it's the exhaustion that makes you glad to get home again. And that was just a bus ride. For our big trip abroad, I think I will plan for plenty of down time in cafes and pubs and just watch other people rushing by on a mission.

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