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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Detergent and Disappointment

dish detergent
Imagine my disappointment, nay -- my shock and disappointment, when I went to refill my dishwashing detergent container and discovered there had been a mistake at the factory (apparently) and now I must wash my dishes with floral-scented soap instead of lemon! I have this nice, small, Julie-hand-sized container for dishwashing soap that I have used since (I think) before I was married. I refill it with the larger, more economical soap container. And I have been using the No Name "brand" for years. But it must be lemon scented. Since you cannot get unscented dish soap, I have opted to go with the lemon. I am used to the lemon and I prefer the lemon.

I unscrewed the cap on the most recently acquired refill container and out came lemon coloured soap but it smelled floral! I cannot begin to describe my dismay. Of course, I would not have kept the receipt, without which one cannot return such things. I suppose I could womanfully stride over to the manager of my local Loblaws and demand satisfaction and they might agree to a trade, based on the fear of me being mentally unhinged more than anything. But I decided it will be a good test of acceptance, of Zen nature. And the new scent has not caused me to sneeze or react as new scents often do so at least I am spared that. But from now on, when I buy the labeled lemon scented detergent, I am going to sniff check it first.


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