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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More on the Garden

How does my garden grow?
It continues to fill in nicely. I only have to weed it about once a week. When it doesn't rain much, I water the tomatoes (not in these pix) for about 20 minutes with the sprinkler. In the first photo, my perennial. regular chives have come back finally but they are still sparse compared with the other pot of garlic chives. The marigolds really seem to enjoy their company. The impatiens in between the herbs are thriving and so are the taller cosmos along the fence.
With last year's plants!
I find it interesting that the violas from maybe two years ago seeded themselves and have made a come back with this hardy little bunch that popped up among the annuals. In fact, I have two volunteer violas growing in the lawn as well! Lawn mowing day is Thursday and they were flowering yesterday. They'll get cutback tomorrow but I bet they'll be flowering again in a few days. It's like the yellow snapdragons that I planted as annuals maybe three or even four years ago. The following Spring, they popped up here and there among the gravel ground cover and have been coming back every year since.


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