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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mattress Finale

I wanted to sleep on the new mattress once before I reported the finale of the story. However, it wasn't a totally fair test because Peter was away so I didn't have the other body in the bed AND I expected him home around 5am so I kept waking at every little noise, thinking it was him. Anyway, I can report that the bed is totally comfortable. But man, is it HIGH!
new bed new
Here it is, newly installed and with pillows still in plastic. The guys who delivered it were professional and fast. They took all the plastic wrap with them and put booties on their feet when they came into the house. They didn't get too familiar with me either which I appreciated. And they took the old double sized bed away. I forgot to time it but I'd say it took less than 15 minutes, and it was a bit of a struggle to get the mattress up the stairs. They even asked if I had a bed skirt I wanted to put on before they put the mattress down.
new bed with sheets
Here is the bed partly made up. I haven't tucked in the top sheet. The main thing is that it is so high. But I have talked with other people now who have high beds and they all say they love them. My sister said getting in is sort of like a slow motion standing high jump and you do kind of slide your bum on as you slither into a lying position. Peter got home at 6:30am and is sleeping so I have yet to hear his verdict. My hip still hurts but it feels more like it is aching from the inside and therefore will need time to heal, rather than being tortured from the outside.


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