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Monday, June 05, 2006

Mattress saga - intermission

Peter has left on his business trip so I am alone with the beast. I am seriously thinking of taking him to school with me tonight, especially because Peter won't be here. We'll see.

Meanwhile, we stacked the double mattress and boxspring against the wall in the guest room and put the frame in the garage (they'll recycle the mattress but they don't take frames). Then I vacuumed under the bed. I have been washing the sheets that the guest used on the weekend, the mattress cover, dust ruffle and bedspread all in preparation for giving them away to someone who has a double sized bed. Then we up-ended the queen in our room and moved the frame into the guest room. Way more dust in our room than the guest room. I moved the bedside dressers and vacuumed under and around them - the dust was assuming a life of its own back there.

Then I washed the purple dust ruffle and put it back on the queen in the guest room. I plan to use the white ruffle on our new bed and see if it works. It used to be a queen sized ruffle but I took a pleat up the middle and put it on the double years ago. Now I will pick out the pleat and see if it fits on the new bed. I made it and it likely has a standard 14" drop but it always seemed a bit long on the double. Our new bed has a slightly higher boxspring so I'll have to wait and see. Anyway, everything is freshly washed now. In fact, it is so nice to have everything washed that I am going to do the curtains too!


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