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Monday, May 29, 2006

Such as it is, the garden is photographed

These are for you Zoom!
tomato garden
We left the tomato cages up over the winter. I planted my four cherry tomato plants in the vast space and propped up their spindly limbs with some bamboo and other stakes I had. There's a couple of marigolds in the foreground (some at the back too) to keep them company while they get bigger. A scattering of weeds, mostly clover was encouraged by the rain we had last night.
herb garden
Here we have the obvious need to go back to the store and get some more plants. On the lower right corner, one of my cosmos has flowered unexpectedly - I thought they would have to be much bigger before that happened. And it's purple! I thought they were going to be yellow. In the pots are chives and I planted the other marigolds there for company too.

Rockwell looks reproachfully out the door. It is quite humid and I have kept the door shut all day. I'm going to take him to get the mail soon and then he will know why he has been inside.


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