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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Once Upon a Mattress

Today we went shopping and bought ourselves a mattress at Sleep Country Canada because really, why buy a mattress anywhere else? Previously, we had always bought from Sears because they deliver and it's safe. But this time, my sister had bought from SCC and recommended it, especially because they take away your old mattress, refurbish it and give it to charity (or something like that).

Our current mattress dates from about 1989 and whatever padding it had on the surface is gone. It still doesn't sag but I know it is not providing us with a good night's sleep. Additionally, the hard surface has within the past year aggravated my left shoulder joint in some way so that it tends to be sore a lot. And just in the last couple of months, my left hip joint has become aggravated in the same way. Only because it is my hip, it bears weight and thus re-injures itself regularly. We have been talking about getting a new mattress and finally decided this would be the weekend. Unfortunately, in the last couple of days, the hip joint has become inflamed and now I can hardly put any weight on the stupid thing. Climbing stairs is a painful chore.

Anyway, this morning we biked over to SCC in the rain and tested all the Beautyrest independent coil mattresses. The first three we tried we all far better than our current mattress and we had settled on the middle cushy model when the salesman suggested we also try to top of the line, Imperial silk model and we were sunk. Nothing else felt as good as that one. So we ended up spending twice the money we thought we were going to but we figure - we spend a third of our life on a mattress so it might as well be top of the line. Plus, they were having a sale on them.

It's being delivered on Tuesday. They will take away the double sized mattress and boxspring we have in the guest room and we will put the old queen sized bed in there. If that sounds cruel to guests, it's not. I plan to put a cushy foam topper on it and it is still supportive. And if you don't sleep on it every night for a year, I am sure it is just fine. Plus, guests won't be tempted to stay too long. Just kidding! I just can't keep sleeping on it every night. The new bed is so thick I had to buy new sheets for it. They give you a deal on the sheets - they are 320 thread count Egyptian cotton and you get the second set for only $50. All the sheets I have had in the past were barely percale so I know these are going to be the nicest ones I've ever slept on.

I'm also going to have to make a new coverlet and dust ruffle to fit this different sized set but that (while work) will be fun too. We figure this new bed should last us another 15 years and amortized over that time, only costs us $160/year. Now I have to rearrange the bedrooms, vacuum where the bed was and is going to be and get ready for the delivery on Tuesday. I can't wait!


Anonymous Carmen said...

We've been putting off the chore of buying a new mattress...Now, I'll wait for your verdict!

7:44 a.m., June 05, 2006  
Blogger JuliaR said...

Well Carmen, as you may have read by my last entry, things went really well. The main "chore" was all that laundry.

12:45 p.m., June 07, 2006  

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