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Friday, August 12, 2005

a dullish Friday

They were calling for rain showers all afternoon but it hasn’t been showery, just drizzly. There is even a dry spot on the patio stones under the BBQ. I took one of my asparagus ferns outside and clipped errant growth off it and shook the dead needles out. Since it didn’t rain very hard, I watered it when I brought it back in again. Spread needles all over the floor but since I was too lazy to vacuum, I used a whisk instead. I have been thinking about getting rid of these two ferns because they shed horribly. But I only know how to throw out dead plants. It seems odd to throw out one that isn’t dead. They have prickles all over them too, so they are doubly awkward.

I am glad the weather has changed. That constant heat and humidity was wearing thin. I have the back door wide open along with some windows, so the place is getting a nice air-out. Just checked the weather on the web and it says it is 22C and a humidex of 27C. Still with the humidex! But it feels much cooler and so I don’t have the AC on.

It seems very quiet today. i went to the gym and did yoga this morning, got some groceries, and then went back with the Trek and the Yak to get cases of pop. I was going to do that earlier but Peter had put a kick stand on the Trek (for which I was most grateful) but it interfered with the pedals so I waited for him to fix it last night. I took back some more empties and got 48 cans of pop of various kinds. I’ve been reading and stuff since I got home at around noon and it has been very quiet, maybe because the rain is keeping people indoors. The birds are loving it - I just heard a loud chickadee out the back.

I checked the words “social control” in the library catalogue and there are some psychology books out there (most in the 302 section) but none look like what I want to write. I will go over and check out one or two of them for background reading. I wrote 1100 words yesterday, streaming my consciousness about the concept. I’ll have to keep doing that until I get clearer about the structure of the book. Meanwhile, I have not advanced my teen book idea and should go work on that too.


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