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Saturday, August 06, 2005

about the bomb and nature

Interesting post today by Don about what he thought when he heard they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. I wondered if it was true or just 60 years down the line. Then Betty posted her reminiscence so maybe they are interestingly accurate.

Don: “I remember that August morning, it was bright and sunny and I was listening to the old radio in my room over the kitchen in the old farm house. The news was read, it was an extra long news cast. I was transfixed at the news. I thought, "the world is going to change a lot, and I'm going to find out how they did that".”

Betty: “I remember that August morning, bright and sunny, and I was sitting in the living room by the floor model radio in the farm house in Kentville. I was visiting the home of my sister in law and I heard that they had dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. I went to the kitchen where everyone was gathered to help themselves to the dinner that was cooked and ready on the stove. When there was a lull in the conversation, I announced, "they have dropped an atomic bomb on Japan." They all turned to look at me as if I had just said something inappropriate and went back to their meals and to the table. I remember thinking, "I guess it doesn't matter much." I was 14 and not a credible informant, I guess. Life went on for us and soon my brothers came home from overseas.”

This is also the 2nd anniversary of the Ardeth Wood murder and the paper has a recap of it and about the fact that it hasn’t been solved (yet, we hope). I was remembering that I thought I saw the killer on the afternoon of the big East coast power outage later that same August. He was walking backwards and therefore distinguishable because of his odd behaviour. Wild animal predators pick out the weak in a herd of the prey species by observing their behaviour which is different from the norm. Too bad we have so MANY oddballs in society now that you can’t simply pick the criminals out by their odd behaviour. We have really let ourselves go as a species and are no longer much governed by Mother Nature, I think.


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