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Thursday, August 04, 2005

second post

It is up to 33C and a 43C humidex. I only left the house to get the mail and it was just junk mail.

I have been reading blogs but then I made myself sit and write the introduction to my sewing book. It's 650 words which fails to fulfill my "rule" about writing 1000 words each day. But I have written some emails and other things so maybe I am up to 1000 words altogether. I haven't decided who my audience is for this blog yet but then, I haven't told anyone about it either (except for Peter) so I may ramble a bit too much. Maybe I'll settle on Peter as my audience, as he was when I wrote all those emails to him while I was away for a year in 1995-6.

Now to finish "A Canticle for Leibowitz" which was recommend to the world at large on someone else's blog. I'm enjoying it, especially knowing it was written in 1956 as science fiction then.


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