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Thursday, August 04, 2005

first post

So I didn’t win the lottery last night and now I have to start writing in Ernest (I always liked that non sequitur “two maggots were fighting in dead ernest”). I actually started a book with the words “once upon a time” yesterday, so I am happy with that. And I did a post of 800 words to my 43 Things entry of “write 1000 words every day”.

Today, I haven’t even gone outside yet. Pretty pathetic. My excuse is that it is HOT and humid out there. I need to go to Home Depot to get closet fittings but I think that can wait another few days, as I only started thinking about redoing the closets about 5 years ago. I suppose I should go get the mail but since the only thing yesterday was a rejection letter from a prospective employer, there’s not really a great incentive.

So I will do the exercises that a writing instruction book suggested and see what develops from there. I also had some ideas last night while falling asleep, about the intro to my sewing book. I seem to have become enthusiastic again about it and will write that intro today.


Blogger bikerider said...

You go girl! But ... I know how hard it is to stay on track when writing - everything suddenly vies for you attention, like, the bathroom grout screams, "Clean me!". Don't do it. Don't let the closet's needs for new fittings win!

12:09 p.m., August 04, 2005  

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