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Monday, August 08, 2005

a word count challenge not met

I did a word count at Lileks’ blog this morning and it clocked in at over 2000 words! Yikes. Therefore, my day today went as follows:

I woke up before 6 and couldn’t seem to get back to sleep so I watched a little tv till I felt sleepy. Then I had my usual mad dreams until after 9am wherein (among many things) Bruce Willis was house-sitting for me (don’t know why but he seemed down on his luck). After breakfast and the paper and blogs, I thought I would go to the store. I was going to take the yak and return beer bottles and get cases of pop but the tyre on it was soft and I didn’t think the pump was set to Schrader valves. So I just took my regular bike and got regular groceries. I also went to the Home Depot to do research on renovating the “foyer” - a misnomer I am sure because it comprises less than 50 square feet and the cupboard is less than 48 inches wide, good grief.

I looked at flooring and would like to get the natural stone but at $10 per SF and this being the class of house that it is, perhaps that is a bit pricey. They have just-as-nice-looking ceramic tile for less than $4 SF and incredibly cheap peel-and-stick for under a dollar SF (some of them anyway). I have to bear in mind that the cupboard sliding doors require a track on the floor and I am not sure how to work it if I use something 3D like stone. I’ll find out when I pull up the old sheet vinyl but I think they screwed the floor track down right through the vinyl.

I also looked at mirrored sliding doors, which they have for under $100 for the cheap kind ($157 if you want bevels) but none of them are 86” tall so I would have to build a bulkhead of something down 6 inches from the ceiling. Decisions, decisions. Building down from the ceiling wouldn’t be difficult but it would change what I planned to do to the interior of the closet, which is raise the clothes hanging bar to eliminate wasted space on the shelf above it and gain a little extra space to hang short jackets. I’ll think about it.

So then I get home and Peter has emailed me telling me the floor pump is set up for Schrader valves so I have lunch and go to Michael’s in the meantime. I have been thinking about how to hang up all my long dangling earrings which are all costume jewelry and don’t need to be hidden from burglars. I had come up with a concept but then two nights ago on “Neat” I saw exactly "the thing". So I had to go buy dowels and some kind of wooden picture frame at the craft store so I could make it. I may rethink the frame part but I have the 3/16 inch dowels so I’m on my way.

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig. Pump up the yak tyre, hitch it to the Trek and load it up with empties. Discover Trek tyres are soft but can live with it. Return said empties and, since we’re back on the wagon for a while, don’t get new beer. Go to the store and get pop instead. Wobble home, sweating.

I'm going to make the portobello mushroom burgers we discovered at the Waupoos Winery restaurant for dinner - grill a red pepper first. When it is half done, grill the mushroom caps after basting with olive oil. Prepare buns with goat cheese and greenery, place mushroom cap and red pepper slices on it, devour with enthusiasm. A side salad complete with homegrown nasturtiums, chives, parsley etc. completes the picture.

Okay, now I’m hungry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hitting word goals I guess is important but a photo once in awhile is fun too, especially for the viewers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can hit your word target on those especially busy days just by uploading two photos! Not everyday of course, and not to cheat, but everyone once in a while. Like, for example, what's a 'yak'?

7:10 p.m., August 08, 2005  

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