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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

home reno time

I wanted to do something to the house while Peter was away. I decided that I would refinish the floor in the hall and into the dining area. Unfortunately, the three photos here are in reverse order and I don't know how to change them. Just tilt your head as you look at them and everything will be all right.

I took up the carpet runners, moved the small bookcase and vacuumed. Then I stripped the wax buildup on the hallway floor, using mineral spirits. Peeew. The worst part was wearing a mask and goggles, as the sweat was just rolling off me.
Next came the sanding. I have one of those small hand sanders (not a palm sander but the bigger one). I made the command decision to feather the stain and polyurethane into the dining area, as that part of the floor has been under a carpet all this time and shows no wear. Then it will go back under a carpet and show no blend line. The worst part of the floor is right by the kitchen entrance, where all those feet over the years wore a path.

Now I have finished the application of clear stain. It says it dries in 4 hours but I should let it cure for 24 hours before applying the polyurethane. But I am in a hurry! Peter is home Thursday at 4 so I want the polyurethane to have at least 24 hours to cure before that. I think I’ll push it and apply the polyurethane Wednesday morning and that will allow more than 24 hours before he arrives, which means I can move the furniture back just before he gets home.


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