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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


So here it is, 2pm and still no writing. I got up and read the paper and my blogs. Then I sewed for quite a while. I have marked the buttonhole positions on the two white cotton tops. When I make the holes, then I can sew on buttons till the cows come home. I have two long sleeved shirts in the same pattern, different fabric and one sleeveless top with five buttons in a different pattern, made from the excess of the plain white cotton. The second shirt is white with a fine blue stripe and a fine silver stripe and it has a little Lycra in it too. I am sure I will get a lot of wear out of them but since my goal is to write, it looks like procrastination to me. But I’m already thinking ahead to sewing the buttons on while watching Veronica Mars tomorrow night when Peter is not here. So then they will be done and I can start on some shorts and a knee length skirt in a plain beige cotton with a little Lycra in it. I got it for $1.50/meter on the remnant table and I think I have enough for shorts and a skirt. I bet I’ll get a lot of wear out of them too! Of course, Fall is approaching and it IS cool in the evenings so I want to think ahead to the dark brown fabric I have had sitting in the box for several years now. I got it at a sale and have several meters of it. It’s just a plain polyester and I was never enamoured with it but it was cheap. Anyway, now I think I will make a multi-gored skirt that comes about halfway down my calf. Nice and swirly and I can wear it with my knee-high boots. Of course, I will probably want to get a new slip to go with it because I don’t plan to line it. I have a slip I could use but it doesn’t flare, it goes straight down. Big deal. I probably have enough of the stuff to make some kind of top out of it. I think when I first got it, I thought of making a structured jacket but I seem to recollect it isn’t very substantial so now I am thinking something else. An UNstructured jacket? Ha. I am sure something will eventually occur to me.

Unless I get out of the house more often however, I don’t know where I am going to be wearing all these clothes. So I need to write and sell a book and then go on a book tour. However, I was also thinking of getting another guide dog puppy which would get me out and about more often. (Blowing a raspberry - how do you write the sound that makes? blpppp? That doesn’t look right.)

Okay, I shall resume editing my travelogue for the CBC contest. It’s something at least. [ ... later] There, I have it down to 2.437 words. Now however, I have no idea if it is good enough or coherent enough to submit to the contest. And of course, I am feeling guilty that all I did was edit and not write 2,500 words from scratch. Worra, worra.


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