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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Who knows what can be the cause for inspiration? Maybe it was my last post, whining about procrastination. Maybe it was the making of the buttonholes. In any event, I was in my sewing room making buttonholes, when I got the idea for four titles for stories for the CBC contest. They are:

Camping Among Aliens
The Motorcycle Trip from Hell
How We Met
Moving from Windsor to Kingston

These are are all real life stories that I can just relate with very little embellishment. I am having such fun writing the first one, about camping. It feels like the first time I have felt like a real writer, maybe. Well okay, that sounds a little annoying. I have felt like a writer before. But this time, maybe I am imagining others really reading this story and laughing at it. This time, they would be total strangers. Before, with my other writing, I imagined my readers and I knew them. They were already “fans”.


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