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Monday, August 29, 2005


I did it! I called Guide Dogs and am going in to an orientation session this Friday afternoon. I have been away from it for 15 years after all and things have changed so they do want me to go and talk with them. Also, the person answering the phone said that a lot of people call, interested in the program but then they never follow up so they DO need puppy walkers. AND if they have puppies coming available soon, I might get one sooner than I thought. Now that I have done this, I am SO looking forward to it. And I’m all nervous.

And now for something completely different. Here’s another thing making its way around the internet. These lists are good for making you think, I suppose.

Seven things I plan to do before I die.

1) Travel a lot more with my husband.
2) Get a book published and promote it wildly.
3) Write another book and have it be more famous than the first. Do shaving ads and sh*t.
4) Sail on the open ocean for at least a week.
5) Get a great dog (preferably a Lab) and learn to do search and rescue with it.
6) Canoe the Nahanni.
7) Make a quilt that will be a wall hanging.

Seven things I can do.

1) Remember movie trivia.
2) Ride a horse.
3) Ride a bike long distances.
4) Understand complex issues.
5) Make things with my hands - crafts, renovations, sewing, cooking.
6) Be diplomatic.
7) Make people laugh.

Seven things I cannot do.

1) Suffer untruths to be promulgated. (Woo!)
2) Remember numbers.
3) Remember peoples’ names (unless I really make an effort).
4) Tolerate bad spelling and grammar.
5) Tolerate broken glass on the pavement where I ride my bike.
6) “Party”, or have aimless fun. My fun times have to have a purpose!
7) Needing a 7th, do a backbend any more.


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