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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


[Should have put this up yesterday...]

There are only two more weeks of teaching in the semester. Then I give the final exam and I'm done. Of course, that also means I am done getting paid, as I only get paid for the actual hours I teach in the classroom. So then it will be time to start something new. After we go to Europe and come back, of course. So - June it is then.

In the meantime, I only have two more sessions on Saturdays of "boot camp" at the Goodlife gym. It has been a good shake-up, to do circuit training for an hour on Saturday but I haven't started anything new otherwise, in my routine. And the gym changed the schedules of all its classes so until I end teaching in 2 weeks, I can't take the Body Flow classes I was taking until last week.

I write this because I was reminded by Zen Habits that we were supposed to write down our goals, or why we signed up for Boot Camp. Shoot - I just checked my calendar and I'm going to miss the second last boot camp because I signed up for a course in how to be a director of a condominium. That kind of frosts me. I forgot all about them overlapping. Gack, now that I look at it, I thought we only had 6 classes of boot camp and that means I will miss the very last one. I really dislike not finishing something.

Anyway - goals. I wanted to lose some actual pounds. I have lost fat and gained muscle and my clothes are fitting looser but I am not able to slide that weight on the scale over to the left any more than usual. This is frustrating, even though I know that the answer lies in fewer calories in than out. I think I want to start running comfortably outside and I don't want to be gasping for air 3 minutes after I leave the house. And should I decide to become a personal trainer, it will give me ideas about what else I can do with clients.

On the weekend, I planted herb seeds in little peat pots. Some of them were so small, I'm not sure how many got into each peat pot. I hope that by the time we get back from Europe, they will be good little seedlings and ready to put outside. It is so tempting to plant before the end of May but you really do run the risk of a killing frost and then there goes all your earlier effort.

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