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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

on humbling experiences

Margaret Kemper may have had the Charter save her from the charge of impaired driving, but this doesn’t negate the fact that her blood alcohol level was above the legal limit.  Just because her rights were impinged on by police (they pulled her over when they had no reason to), doesn’t mean she “got away with” drunk driving.  Unfortunately, she may very well think she got away with it and she will continue to drink “just a little” and drive.  And one day, she might actually hit someone with her car while she is intoxicated. 

I would love to be shown that I am wrong.  Mrs. Kemper, now is the time to publicly vow never to drink anything (not even one) and drive again.  Make it your mission to be a public figure on this issue.  Being humbled by a learning experience is never a bad thing and you can make something good come of this.  If you choose.

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